Angell EYE PayPal PayFlow CodeIgniter Library Sample

The following samples demonstrate how to work with this library.


This function provides a working sample of processing a credit card using the PayPal PayFlow gateway.

The fully functional sample code displayed here is found in /application/controllers/paypal/samples/Payflow.php.

An empty version of this function can be found in /application/controlles/paypal/templates/Payflow.php.

        function Process_transaction()
            // Prepare request arrays
            $PayPalRequestData = array(
                'tender'=>'C', 				// Required.  The method of payment.  Values are: A = ACH, C = Credit Card, D = Pinless Debit, K = Telecheck, P = PayPal
                'trxtype'=>'S', 				// Required.  Indicates the type of transaction to perform.  Values are:  A = Authorization, B = Balance Inquiry, C = Credit, D = Delayed Capture, F = Voice Authorization, I = Inquiry, L = Data Upload, N = Duplicate Transaction, S = Sale, V = Void
                'acct'=>'5581588042704155', 				// Required for credit card transaction.  Credit card or purchase card number.
                'expdate'=>'1215', 				// Required for credit card transaction.  Expiration date of the credit card.  Format:  MMYY
                'amt'=>'10.00', 					// Required.  Amount of the transaction.  Must have 2 decimal places.
                'dutyamt'=>'', 				//
                'freightamt'=>'5.00', 			//
                'taxamt'=>'2.50', 				//
                'taxexempt'=>'', 			//
                'comment1'=>'This is a test!', 			// Merchant-defined value for reporting and auditing purposes.  128 char max
                'comment2'=>'This is only a test!', 			// Merchant-defined value for reporting and auditing purposes.  128 char max
                'cvv2'=>'123', 				// A code printed on the back of the card (or front for Amex)
                'recurring'=>'', 			// Identifies the transaction as recurring.  One of the following values:  Y = transaction is recurring, N = transaction is not recurring.
                'swipe'=>'', 				// Required for card-present transactions.  Used to pass either Track 1 or Track 2, but not both.
                'orderid'=>'', 				// Checks for duplicate order.  If you pass orderid in a request and pass it again in the future the response returns DUPLICATE=2 along with the orderid
                'billtoemail'=>'', 			// Account holder's email address.
                'billtophonenum'=>'816-555-5555', 		// Account holder's phone number.
                'billtofirstname'=>'Tester', 		// Account holder's first name.
                'billtomiddlename'=>'', 	// Account holder's middle name.
                'billtolastname'=>'Testerson', 		// Account holder's last name.
                'billtostreet'=>'123 Test Ave.', 		// The cardholder's street address (number and street name).  150 char max
                'billtocity'=>'Kansas City', 			// Bill to city.  45 char max
                'billtostate'=>'MO', 			// Bill to state.
                'billtozip'=>'64111', 			// Account holder's 5 to 9 digit postal code.  9 char max.  No dashes, spaces, or non-numeric characters
                'billtocountry'=>'US', 		// Bill to Country Code.
                'shiptofirstname'=>'Tester', 		// Ship to first name.  30 char max
                'shiptomiddlename'=>'', 	// Ship to middle name. 30 char max
                'shiptolastname'=>'Testerson', 		// Ship to last name.  30 char max
                'shiptostreet'=>'123 Test Ave.', 		// Ship to street address.  150 char max
                'shiptocity'=>'Kansas City', 					// Ship to city.
                'shiptostate'=>'MO', 			// Ship to state.
                'shiptozip'=>'64111', 			// Ship to postal code.  10 char max
                'shiptocountry'=>'US', 		// Ship to country code.
                'origid'=>'', 				// Required by some transaction types.  ID of the original transaction referenced.  The PNREF parameter returns this ID, and it appears as the Transaction ID in PayPal Manager reports.
                'custref'=>'', 				//
                'custcode'=>'', 			//
                'custip'=>'', 				//
                'invnum'=>'', 				//
                'ponum'=>'', 				//
                'starttime'=>'', 			// For inquiry transaction when using CUSTREF to specify the transaction.
                'endtime'=>'', 				// For inquiry transaction when using CUSTREF to specify the transaction.
                'securetoken'=>'', 			// Required if using secure tokens.  A value the Payflow server created upon your request for storing transaction data.  32 char
                'partialauth'=>'', 			// Required for partial authorizations.  Set to Y to submit a partial auth.
                'authcode'=>'' 			// Rrequired for voice authorizations.  Returned only for approved voice authorization transactions.  AUTHCODE is the approval code received over the phone from the processing network.  6 char max

            $PayPalResult = $this->paypal_payflow->ProcessTransaction($PayPalRequestData);

                // Error
                echo '<pre />';
                // Successful call.  Load view or whatever you need to do here.
                echo '<pre />';

Run the code above and see the output.